About the brand
Guangyan Alu

It has become a social consensus to establish enterprises that are honest and responsible, and to make products that satisfy consumers.
We use the corporate culture concept of responsibility above all else, cutting-edge corporate thinking, speak with facts and express with actions.

  • 01

    “"Corporate Vision"”

    Create a leading brand of aluminum profile quality in China
  • 02

    “"Core Values"”

    Unity· Enterprising·Diligent· Efficient·
  • 03

    “"Business Philosophy"”

    Quality casts value-management improves efficiency-innovation and development

Quality policy

Establish a business with precision, win by quality, treat each other with sincerity, and pursue excellence.

Corporate Mission

Create value for customers, seek benefits for employees, achieve returns for shareholders, and assume responsibility for society

Environmental Policy

Continuous improvement is the root, environmental benefits are the foundation, social responsibility is the way, and related interests are the way.

Occupational health and safety management policy

Abide by the law, people-oriented, and ensure the safety and health of employees.
Safety first, prevention first, to achieve continuous improvement of performance.


ADDRESS: No. A, Area A, High-tech Industrial Zone, Hengshan Town, Guangning County,
Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

EMAIL:charles@guangyan-alu.com, Phone:+86-18824818516

EMAIL:sunny@guangyan-alu.com, Phone:+86-15802545289

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